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Hello Megaphone

I’m Quinn Battersby,
a web experience designer, specializing in developing
fast and compliant websites. Computer Screen with Coding

Lightning Bolts Lightning Bolt Zapping

It’s all about
getting it done.

I will help you make meaningful lasting decisions that will improve the web experience for your users.

I can help you deliver exceptional design solutions to complex business problems - extremely efficiently and delivered at a lightning-fast pace.

Whether you’re looking for a full project solution or require specific development skills to complement your in-house team I can work within your team to produce thoughtful solutions.

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Our team at Stryve loves working Quinn! Quinn is knowledgeable, responsive and energetic. We highly recommend him for web development!

Sourov De

Managing Partner at Stryve Marketing

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Find me on twitter if that's your thing. If you prefer traditional, give me a call 226-338-1659 or send me an email at

My Story: I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, a husband, a father of three amazing kids, a technologist, a lover of good food and healthy living in Delhi, Ontario.

I have been working with the web for the past 12+ years, I co-founded Goosechase, I help students learn the web and more at Conestoga College and I am always learning new tricks.